Episode 44 - Kareem Khalifa

On Episode 44, Nick chats with Kareem Khalifa, Professor at Middlebury College in Vermont (USA), about what it's like to teach and do philosophy of science at a liberal arts college, transitioning from applied mathematics to hermeneutics to philosophy of science, his impressive musical career as a bass guitarist, his new book, 'Understanding, Explanation, and Scientific Knowledge," his current work developing a new account of explanation, and the problem of science journalism.


0:15 Hello and welcome / 2:30 Kareem on his summer conferences and current writing collaborations / 10:37 Key differences between teaching philosophy of science at a university and a liberal arts college / 16:45 Kareem's early life, and his foray into the philosophy of science from applied mathematics to hermeneutics / 30:42 Kareem's music-making on the bass (and his first band's names) / 35:00 Kareem's approach to philosophy of science / 38:35 Kareem's latest book 'Understanding, Explanation, and Scientific Knowledge' / 51:30 Kareem's current projects on building a new account of explanation / 59:33 The problem of science journalism

Nicholas Zautra