Episode 47 - Angela Potochnik

On Episode 47, Nick chats with Angela Potochnik, Associate Professor of Philosophy and the Director of the Center for Public Engagement with Science at the University of Cincinnati, about her time studying in Vienna and how she came to love the history of logical empiricism, her co-written work, “Recipes for Science” on scientific methods and reasoning from a philosophical perspective, and her new book, “Idealization and the Aims of Science” on the centrality of idealization in science.


0:15 Hello and welcome / 2:07 Angela on her current teaching of a graduate seminar on complexity / 5:43 Her work as Director at the new Center for Public Engagement with Science / 9:32 Angela’s early life growing up as a runner in Arkansas / 14:12 How Angela transitioned from her med-school track to graduate school in philosophy / 24:17 How Angela fell in love with the Vienna Circle / 28:40 Aufbau/Bauhaus / 34:04 Why philosophy students should study the history of logical empiricism / 39:00 Getting the first job / 45:06 Angela’s new book, “Idealization and the Aims of Science / 1:04:54 Angela new co-written book, “Recipes for Science” / 1:10:51 The greatest challenge facing philosophy of science today

Nicholas Zautra