Episode 33 - Zoe Drayson

On Episode 33, Nick chats with Zoe Drayson, Assistant Professor in Philosophy at the University of California, Davis, about leaving high school at seventeen to work full-time as a horoscope writer at a teenage magazine, returning to study under Tim Williamson at the University of Edinburgh, spending several years in academic publishing at Routledge on the philosophy list, going from fearing her social skills would be "absolutely wasted on philosophy" to finding philosophers who were a blast hang out with, briefly becoming a public intellectual while a graduate student at the University of Bristol, the importance of visiting other philosophy departments for achieving success in the field, the challenge of being a moderate naturalist, and why philosophers of science are the worst culprits in thinking their discipline is the only bit of philosophy worth doing.

Timestamps: 0:15 Hello and welcome 2:09 Zoe

Nicholas Zautra